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Schedule posts to Instagram with SmartSocial

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Since Instagram has not released an API that allows third party applications such as SmartSocial to schedule updates (and don’t plan to), it’s proving very difficult for business to take advantage of this extremely engaging social network as each Instagram update is a manual, time-consuming process. The services that do claim to offer this functionality employ a team of staff to manually post to your Instagram accounts at the scheduled time on your behalf, meaning that you have to share your Instagram login details with complete strangers who have the ability to get your Instagram account permanently shut down or worse – severely damage your brand’s reputation.

Announcing Instagram Posting using SmartSocial


Ultimate Guide for Social Media Posts

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Image Guidelines for 6 Major Social Networks

We’ve got all tools to create mind-blowing images for social media. We all understand that the brain loves visuals and how to build something beautiful to drive engagement. You’re all set to make something great!

Just one last thing before you start rocking you social media accounts. Exactly how should your image look to maximize the viewing in your News Feed, timeline, or stream?

With everything that goes into finding and creating great social media images, the one thing that many of us forget about is the size. This can be a grave mistake as the size, shape, height, width and orientation are all extremely important and have a huge effect on how well your image is received in social media streams.


7 Discounts That Don't Devalue Your Product

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salesDiscounts sounds like a naughty word to many business owners, presidents and CEOs, but the truth is they are just another marketing tool to help sell more products or services. When done correctly, discounts do not detract from the true value of a product, but rather draw attention from an audience that may otherwise not look twice at your service or product.

With the internet almost always within hands reach of consumers, many decide on a product they want to purchase and then immediately head to the internet to find out where they can get the best deal for this product. Keep in mind, the "best deal" does not always mean the cheapest price.

How do you provide a discount that keeps the value of your service or product, but also brings more revenue in the door?


Feature Update: Discover Who’s Behind a Social Profile with our Extended Contact Data

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Onesize300We’re excited to announce a new innovative feature that helps you know more about your social media contacts by finding publicly-available social profiles, photos, basic demographics and social influence.

We believe these additional insights into a contact’s social landscape will help organizations become more engaged with potential prospects on a more personal level.


Social Recruiting in 2015 - 5 Predictions

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social media recruitingIf you think social media is mainly for entertainment, think twice. In 2015, an increasing number of recruiters will be using social networks for various recruitment-oriented purposes – and candidates will finally realize that their online profiles should add to their professional narratives and reflect their career goals.

A recent survey by Jobvite demonstrated that 73% of hiring managers planned to invest more in their presence on social media, indicating that social media will be more important to the job market than ever. Here are 5 social recruiting predictions for 2015.



How To Get More Engagement With Randomized Hashtags & RSS Auto-Posting

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How To Get More Engagement With Randomized Hashtags & RSS Auto-Posting

SmartSocial’s social media management software  has recently released an update which will enable you to randomly insert hashtags to your social media posts when using the SmartSocial RSS Auto Poster. This will automatically push content updated on a particular RSS feed to your chosen social media channels.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it.

Why are hashtags important?


10 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Customer Service

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10 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Customer Service

It’s true that social media has opened up a whole new world for marketing and sales, and that’s a wonderful thing for businesses. The more markets you have to peddle your wares the more eyeballs you can get in front of, and that means more sales.

The online social world offers much more than just sales opportunities, but many businesses seem to view it as simply another magazine to place ads in. One major way that social can help your business is through customer service, but there’s a fine line there. Doing customer service wrong or badly in a place where the whole world can see your mistakes can be devastating. Just ask Carnival Cruise Lines about the #CruiseFromHell.

Doing it well, however, can connect your company with its customers in a more sincere and intimate way than ever before possible. Great customer service almost always leads to greater loyalty and more sales, so let me help you out and give you ten best practices that can improve your company’s customer service skills using social media.