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You're a hard-working business owner. You don't have time for yet another pitch from someone trying to sell a product or service that will do nothing to make your life easier or your business more efficient. Please indulge us for just a few minutes. We think you'll be intrigued by what Sygnifi Networks can do for you and your business. Sygnifi Networks Corporation provides affordable eBusiness solutions to help you maintain your business website, generate sales and boost customer attraction and retention.


community supporterA Community Supporter is an organization that supports the wellbeing of the community and provides guidance to its members and the community at large.  Our goal is to help community supporters – Chambers of Commerce, EDCs, Convention and Visitors' Bureaus and city, state and federal government agencies - to tell their stories, get out their news, showcase interesting programs, places and attractions and generate new business.


foundation assoc1Community Foundations and Associations play a key role in the life of a community. Foundations often fill a void left by government spending cuts, providing grants to a range of organizations and entities that perform vital services to the community. Without the generous support of foundations, many communities would see a drastic decline in funding for the arts, education, health care, cultural activities and scientific research.


contributorOur Local Contributor platform offers writers, photographers, videographers and volunteers the opportunity to add your voice to your community’s conversation.  By joining eCommunityConnect™, you can share your unique voice with your community.

As a writer, photographer or videographer, you often see your community with a different eye. You’re an artist, so you have a more creative perspective on events taking place around you than the average Joe.


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“Sygnifi provides innovative solutions to connect and strengthen local businesses and communities through cutting edge marketing technologies, partnership with community organizations and years of proven experience.”

Join Us, Won't You?

Sygnifi Networks is going places. Where? Well, everywhere, really. The sky’s the limit. OK, maybe not the sky; at least not yet. But definitely the entire United States. And we’re starting with you in your own backyard – wherever your backyard happens to be. We want to help you tell your stories, get out your news, visit your favorite places, drum up some business. Whatever you think is interesting or important or worth sharing is fair game.

Whether you’re a Chamber of Commerce, an EDC, a Visitor’s and Convention Bureau, a city, state or federal government agency, a business, or a private citizen, you’re welcome to join the adventure.  

And what, precisely, is this adventure? We’re building a network from the ground up that will connect every community in the country. We’re calling it eUSAconnect, which is the umbrella network for eCommunityConnect. We provide the platform that will enable you or your organization or business to connect with others within your community, your state, or across the country.

We invite you to look around our site. Kick the tires, take it for a test drive. We think you’ll like what you see. And we think you’ll agree that this is an idea whose time has come.

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