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Now your chamber can have all of today's Tools through eChamber Connect for a $149 Monthly Program Fee.

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Chamber of Commerce Management System

Applications Tools include:

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Contact Management

  • Separate by types (Members, Businesses, Individuals, etc.)
  • Group by class, categories, or interests
  • Track communication (emails, phone calls, appointment, letters sent, referrals given, etc.)
  • Online Member (registered users) management system
    • Contact information
    • Directory content
    • Logo and image submission
    • Newsletter subscriptions (Single or by interests)

Event Management

  • Event Registrations (Participants, vendors, speakers, etc.)
  • Payment management
    • Free or paid event
    • Online credit card payment or pay later options

Dues and Membership Renewal Management

  • Online registration and renewals
  • Pay by credit card or pay later

Newsletters and Mass Email System

  • Create and use unlimited HTML message templates
  • Track the number of times a contact opens and clicks links within the message
  • linked to contact records and reports
  • Automatically handles unsubscribes and system bounces.
  • Send immediately or schedule a future date.

Reporting Applications to Help Streamline Operations

  • Current members
  • Upcoming renewals
  • Past due
  • Event registration details
  • And much more

Community and Private Calendars

  • Multiple Calendar Views (Monthly or weekly grid, list, upcoming, and Mini)
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Integrated with the eUSAconnect Calendar Network
  • Receive suggested event from Members or the local community (registered users)

eChamberConnect™ will open a whole new world to your Chamber operations. In addition to integrating your membership directory, you can:

  • Conduct Chamber business online
  • Manage Content by inserting or editing text, photos, documents, etc.
  • Manage Users by setting permissions on information to be viewed by members, prospective members, other Chambers – the world
  • Create online forms to collect various information.

SmartStart™ System

One of the many advantages of joining Sygnifi Networks' eCommerceConnect™ is the SmartStart™ marketing program, which enables your Chamber to generate non-dues revenues through the sale of SmartStart™ websites, e-Commerce websites, banners, search engine optimization and advertizing programs, Web TV videos and online reservation booking systems to your members.

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Additional Chamber Revenue Opportunities

  • Smart phone applications
  • Online booking systems
  • eConcierge™ packages (Eat/Shop/Stay/Play/Live!)
  • Super-Advanced Marketing (SAM) pages
  • Portal Division affiliations

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The service of Sygnifi Networks is outstanding, the webmasters are very attuned to the needs of our Chamber.

They have been helpful along the way in implementing changes to our site as needed when needed.

They don't just take the wheel and drive, they allow me to drive and give directions!

-- Tanya Markos-Vanno,
Southfield Chamber

Become Mobile

Communicate with your members and community by having your content available with today's mobile devices.


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Portal Division

Sygnifi Networks' Portal Division has developed industry-specific web portals, which enable your organization, individual businesses or people within a geographic region to market collaboratively and build a virtual community. The designated areas are Travel & Tourism; Culture, Arts & Crafts; Building Trades; and Wedding Planning. These portals provide a venue for you to tell your stories, report your news, and advertize your events to a broader audience.