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community chartComprehensive software solutions that are highly specialized, user‐friendly, and scalable for member‐based organizations.

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We understand the ever‐growing demands of communities, and we race to meet these demands head‐on with technological and advanced innovation.


 Sygnifi helps connect many sources of Information to fully promote a community. -
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CRM System Tools & Website

Contact Management

  • Separate by types (members, businesses, individuals, etc.)
  • Group by class, categories, or interests
  • Track communication (emails, phone calls, appointments, letters sent, referrals given, etc.)
  • Online member (registered users) management system
    • Contact information
    • Directory content
    • Logo and image submission
    • Newsletter subscriptions (single, or by interests)

Event Management

  • Event Registrations (participants, vendors, speakers, etc.)
  • Payment management
    • Free or paid event
    • Online credit card payment or pay later options

Dues and Membership Renewal Management

  • Online registration and renewals
  • Pay by credit card or pay later

Newsletters and Mass Email System

  • Create and use unlimited HTML message templates
  • Track the number of times a contact opens and clicks links within the message
  • Linked to contact records and reports
  • Automatically handles unsubscribes and system bounces
  • Send immediately or schedule a future date

Reporting Applications to Help Streamline Operations

  • Current members
  • Upcoming renewals
  • Past due
  • Event registration details
  • And much more

Community and Private Calendars

  • Multiple calendar views (monthly or weekly grid, list, upcoming, and mini)
  • Unlimited categories
  • Integrated with the eUSAconnect Calendar Network
  • Receive suggested events from members or the local community (registered users)

Mobile View & APPS

Content Integration

The CMS (Content Management System) uses the same content as is on the website and displays it nicely in mobile devices. The system is flexible, so it can provide the same information and navigation as your website, or you may limit it to what people need to see on the go.

Some shared content includes:

  • Event calendar
  • Online resources
  • News and stories

Business Directory with Social Media Sharing

The business directory is linked to the website and reflects the same data, but in a mobile style. No need to manage separate data or sync data to the mobile apps.

  • View logo and single image
  • Click to call
  • Click for GPS directions and map
  • Click to view websites within the app
  • Click to view members' social media
  • View directory enhancements optimized for mobile devices
    • Mobile video streaming
    • Photo galleries
    • View flyers, menus, forms, and more
  • Click to share the directory information on the user's favor social media account

Interactive Maps and Directions

Pick from the parent categories of interests and then view the members and points of interest on an interactive map. On click displays a bubble of the member's information and click to learn more.
  • Map centers based on the user's GPS location (if available)
  • Pinch to zoom in and out the map levels
  • Swipe to navigate around the map
  • Click on cluster to zoom in and reveal more records
  • Click points of interest for additional information
  • Learn more to view the specific SAM Directory Page
  • Get GPS directions to destinations.

Member Deals & Specials

Provide your businesses/members a place where they can manage specials or deals to increase returned clients and attract new customers.
  • Filter search results based on deal type
  • View deals or specials details and image
  • Click to view SAM directory page
  • Share to the user's favorite social media accounts

Member Enhancements

There are several business/member enhancements available for a nominal fee under the SmartStart Program. SmartStart provides cutting edge technology.

App-specific enhancements include:

  • Loyalty Program that offers a digital punch card program for your members. The app tracks the qualified stamps on the card and unlocks an offer or reward after the set level is met for that member's Loyalty Program.

  • The GPS Coupon Program stores a special offer or reward for the member business that is unlocked to the app user after the check-in requirements have been met. The required time lapse can be set for each offer. Example: 1 check-in allowed per 24 hours.

Photo Sharing

Photo sharing allows the users of the mobile app to easily send a photo taken within the app on their device's camera.  Users may also select an image from their saved photo gallery. You'll be amazed at what the community shares with you to use in your marketing, website, and mobile galleries.

Push Notifications

Push notifications to all app users instantly or on preset schedule.  The users can then click the notification for additional information, or dismiss it.  All messages are available to review within the app if users have push notification turned off on their devices.

Social Media & Marketing

SmartSocial™ Dashboard

Stop wasting time logging into multiple social networks!

Now you can update all your social media sites simultaneously from a single place.

Schedule custom posts, attach photos, target your audience, and much more.

  • Easily publish to multiple social networks
  • 360° brand & reputation monitoring
  • Scheduled posts for optimal engagements
  • Integrated social analytics and tracking
  • Generate customers
  • Build your social brand awareness


Social Media Optimization and Creation

Are you looking to grow your community outreach? Do you want to add social media to your outreach and marketing mix but are not sure where to start? Or do you have social media pages that don't seem to be getting any traction? Our Social Media packages are designed to provide your Organizaatino the necessary strategy and tools for social media marketing success, and are customized to achieve the following:
  • Build brand awareness
  • Cultivate lasting customer relationships
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate membership leads and conversions

Social Media Management

This full service approach allows Sygnifi's highly creative social media team to go to work for the chamber, taking away the hassle of running your own social media campaign. Sygnifi's Social Media Manager will post on the social media pages and website regularly, and work closely with your staff to properly align efforts to your marketing message, events, services, news, and community information. This service will increase your audience, and a larger social media audience means more potential exposure and opportunity for the chamber and its business members.

All monthly programs include:
  • Social media program content generation
  • Related client website and social media updates
  • Monthly reporting
  • Social media strategy management
  • Working closely with the organization

Email Marketing Campaigns

The system provides the ability to send mass emails to any contact and specific contacts assigned to specific groups. Have the Sygnifi Networks Design Team produce custom email templates to brand your message campaign and for events the organisation hosts. Email marketing campaigns are tailored to maximize the outreach of the data that exists and to increase newsletter subscriptions. Services include creating supporting content on the organization website to have available from the email message, tracking the results, and increasing the community engagements.

Member Drive Campaigns

Attracting new members to your organization can be achieved in a variety of ways. While methods vary, all efforts to grow your membership need to be based on a few simple concepts, namely:

  • Education of the organization's mission and purpose
  • Connection of the mission to the membership benefits
  • Persuasion to join or take action

Our Marketing, Education, and Sales Teams can come together with your organization system to drive new member enrollments and retain the current members.

SmartStart Campaigns

SmartStart for your business members provides the tools to compete in today's digital world. SmartStart Campaigns include a series of emails that highlights the variety of services available to the members, and offers tips and information to educate the community on the importance and benefits of becoming a member.

Other elements:
  • Printable flyers and informative material
  • SmartStart information section on the organization website
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Educational pieces

eTV Connect Video

Whether you're looking to enhance your online presence, build more members, or simply showcase your organization and programs available to the community, our web video production team is ready to help you harness the power of Internet video today.

Some ways to add video to the chamber:
  • Promote to member prospects or organization events,
  • Welcome new members
  • Explain benefits
  • Info-casts
  • Promoting the area

Print & Design

First impressions mean everything. Grab the attention of potential members with eye-catching graphic design for your marketing materials and branding. At Sygnifi Networks, our team of creative graphic designers will work closely with you to develop images and graphics that truly reflect your brand.

Sygnifi Networks delivers top-quality printed marketing materials with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We specialize in full-color printing of custom business cards, brochures, greeting cards, and postcards, as well as specialty die cuts and other marketing materials. We believe all businesses, no matter their size, deserve easy access to custom promotional and direct mail material.